Flypaper Jeans

Everything You Need to Know About Flypaper Jeans

Flypaper Jeans

Flypaper jeans are modern styled denim options for men and boys created by the parent company, BlueFly. BlueFly began business in 1998 as a company that offers their own brands of men’s and women’s fashion. In addition, the company offers well-known high fashion brands. BlueFly is located in the Fashion District of New York at 42 W. 39th Street. The company provides its fashion denim to a number of other online and offline retailers.


About Flypaper Jeans

Flypaper jeans are specifically for men and boys. They have a sister company for women called Firefly Denim. The jeans are offered as premium quality denim with high fashion style, offering modern trends and statements. Many of the styles include distressed designs, relaxed fits and modern details. Some of the more popular Flypaper jeans styles include the following:


Flypaper Boys Boot Cut Jean

Available in a few different colors and washes, these jeans are specifically for boys in the toddler size range. The jeans are available in sizes 2T and 4T. Features of the jeans include the following:


Boys Belted Boot Cut Jeans


These distressed jeans include an indigo color with a washout design on the legs. The jeans include a mesh web belt that is adjustable. Features of these jeans include the following:


Men’s Flypaper Relaxed Denim


These jeans include a very relaxed, deconstructed style with a selection of different color options. The jeans do include some embellishments as well as a webbed, d-ring belt. Features of the jeans include the following:


Flypaper Men’s Boot Cut Jeans

Basic boot cut in style; these jeans include a slight deconstructed look with whiskering on the legs. Further features of the jeans include the following:


Flypaper Men’s Gray Urban Jeans


With an ultra-relaxed style, these jeans feature a light gray wash with a black belt. The jeans are very relaxed through hips, waist, and legs. Features of the jeans include the following:



Where to Buy

As mentioned, Flypaper jeans are developed and distributed through BlueFly. More about this company can be found at As far as buying the jeans from an actual retailer, they can be found at the following locations, including at eBay, Inc. where the shopper can find vintage Flypaper denim styles as well as modern styles for sale.